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Come see the best sales and installations staff in Lake City Florida, for a wide selection of tile, wood and laminate flooring, carpeting, and great cabinet styles.

Family owned and operated offers the customer direct access to the owners when needed, in most cases you will deal with the owner and their family every time you visit THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City.  The owner and family members will follow up with you to insure that you are happy with the products and installation is completed and you are satisfied with the work performed when the work is performed by THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City.


Why buy from THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City before you buy from an internet site?

THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City offers SERVICE as our number one priority.  We offer first quality products at great prices  every day, allowing us to concentrate on providing the best service.


THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City provides a place and a person to see and talk to over most internet sale sites. 

In most case the manufacture does not offer a warranty to internet sales sites.  The reason for this is the site is anonymous and generally the customer has no recourse.  They are to far away to go to the place of operation and in most cases the location is an office that does not even touch the products they sell.

THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City sells only FIRST QUIALLTY PRODUCTS, we will order off goods for customers that request them.  We want you to know that seconds, off goods, contractors grade, cabin grade and many other terms used to hide the fact that the products are sub-standard are out there and buyer beware!  These products are sold as is and do not offer a warranty.



   Wood Flooring

   Laminate Flooring

   Tile Flooring—Porcelain—Ceramic

             Marble—Granite Tile


   Vinyl Flooring

Cabinets and Counter Tops

   Diamond Cabinets

   Aristokraft Cabinets

   Granite Counter Tops

   Solid Surface Counter Tops

   Laminate Counter Tops

Labor and Installation

Installation Questions


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